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Who We Are

We are a carpentry team specializing in Mass Timber Construction based in Tauranga, NZ.

Our mission is to help New Zealand build faster and more sustainably.

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Mass Timber Installations

What is Mass Timber - why is it better?

Not only does it offer superior strength, lighter weights and better thermal insulation:

‘NTU ABS Project in Singapore by Steeltech Industries PTE Ltd.
Photos D.Kingham’

Start to finish

The process is simple!


Constructability review consists of choosing panels with suitable structural properties to ensure lengths, widths and thickness fit span and site requirements. After deciding who will supply the timber elements, shop drawings can begin while considering service penetrations in the design.


The panels are laminated, then cut with the CNC machine. QA is completed and they are
placed in sequence order for our onsite needs.



Woodtek can organize cartage, loading plans and delivery schedule, this is important to utilize crane time onsite for the project to be cost efficient.



Now the fun begins. The panels / columns / beams are landed in position on the structure by our specialized crew, fixed in place and your building takes shape.


You ask, we answer

“Why are engineered timber products the future for our construction industry?”

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is made by stacking and pressing layers of dried wood together. The layers are bonded with adhesives. Each new layer is placed perpendicular to the previous one, which makes the panels much stronger than conventional wood structures.

This depends what thickness of panel you choose to go with and how many bearers the panel will span accross. Each factory supplying CLT has documents available for design engineers to calculate spans and cantilever distances. View Redstag CLT factory’s technical brochure  here.

When Mass timber is exposed to fire, it chars on the outside forming an insulated layer which protects the interior wood from damage. This allows it to achieve a fire rating higher than code requirements.

One or two layers of GIB Fyreline plasterboard can be added to extend the fire resistance rating
(FRR) for longer protection of the timber element.

Pre-planning with supplier, sequencing of panels and shop drawing reviews SSSP and lift plan.

Experienced team to land the panels safely / efficiently and screw them as per the engineered design.

Working at heights certificates. Elevated platform certificates.

NZQA Rigging / Dogman certificates.

First aid kit held in every vehicle
Fire extinguisher in every vehicle
First Aid certificates
Site Safe passports

Elements go together quickly like lego, this is dependant on site accessibility, the weather and the main contractor’s program.

Using timber lowers a building’s environmental impact and carbon footprint, this is because trees sequester carbon during their lifecycle.

Screws installed at specified centres design by the structural engineer, after installation Woodtek provides QA documents with photos to the main contractor for assurance.

Building for climate change

Low carbon buildings are a forward step for us in NZ, we can achieve this together by using trees grown here for our structural components.

See case studies of Otago Polytech Construction, Auckland’s city mission and other Australian / International examples here :



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Engineered Mass Timber is our specialty, our team is equipped with international experience & knowledge. Give us a call to talk about your next project.

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Local and renewable with less embodied carbon emissions.
The materials we choose to build with has an impact on the environment